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Our Mission

TeqTog is the blog that publishes free tutorials on spreadsheets.

Google spreadsheets are a great way to get started with spreadsheets. Our goal is to be the most trusted source for Google Sheets training and all things related to Google Sheets. Our Google spreadsheet tutorial is a series of tutorials related to Google Sheets; you can follow these step-by-step guides.

Most of the people who read this blog are already into the world of spreadsheets and want to understand more about how to use them. But even if you are a beginner, you should still read our guides to find out what information you need to start using.

TeqTog has a large collection of guides on a variety of topics (from the very basics to advanced tips). And we are publishing more new articles every day!

Each guide/tip/tutorial is crafted by one of our spreadsheet experts.

So whether you’re new to online spreadsheets or a seasoned pro, we have a guide for you! You’ll also find a lot of helpful links scattered throughout the posts; be sure to check them out!

Meet Our Writers

Emanuel Walden

Emanuel Walden is a teacher and writer. He is an engineer by trade, he has an MS degree in Computer and Science Engineering. He loves teaching and has15 years of experience in educating people. He is a spreadsheet expert and currently working on how to increase office productivity with the help of AI.

Runa Akhter

Runa Akhter is an Engineer, Writer, Programmer, YouTuber, and online course content creator. She has a BSc in Computer Science and Engineering. She loves to talk about office productivity. Her hobby is paper crafting and decorating everything.