How to Add a Second Y-Axis in Google Sheets (Easy Method)

In this tutorial, I have chosen to talk about how you can add a second Y-axis in Google Sheets. It is fairly easy and the entire process takes very little with a few simple steps.

So, let us get right to it, then?

Steps to Inserting a Second Y-Axis in Google Sheets

1. Enter Data

Well, the first thing you need is to enter the data in your spreadsheet so that you can build the chart. I will use an example where the data is for a sales record which took place at a store.

example data sheet to enter the data as step number 1

As you can see in my example, my data shows the sales of particular items and the revenues generated. Now, I can proceed on to make my bar graph based on this information.

2. Highlighting the Range of Cells

To do that, I will select all of the cells (cell range) to select the entire data. To select the entire range of cells I just need to click on the top-left cell and drag the cursor across the entire data till the bottom-right C:9.

Highlighting the Range of Cells

Next, I need to go to the top menu bar of my spreadsheet and from there, click on the option “Insert”. A drop-down menu will roll down and I will click on “Chart”.

Go-to Insert option then Chart option form dropdown menue

By clicking on ”Chart”, my spreadsheet will automatically generate a bar graph based on my data.

Insert the Chart

3. Inserting a Second Y-axis into my Chart

Now that I have a bar graph ready; I can demonstrate to you how you can insert a second Y-axis into your chart.

To add a second Y-axis to your bar graph, you need to follow these steps:

  • Do you see the dialogue box on the left of your spreadsheet that says “Chart editor”? Click on the “Customize” tab on that dialogue box.
Go to Chart editors Customize tab
  • Click on the third menu which says “Series”. You will have opened a drop-down menu by doing so.  From the options, click on the information which your Y-axis represents. In my example, I will click on “Revenue”.
In Series option setect the Y-axis represents value
  • In the same way, I will click on the drop-down menu that says “Axis”. From the options, I will choose “Right axis”.
From drop-down menu Axis-select the right axis
  • My spreadsheet will now automatically insert a second Y-axis to my bar graph.
How to Add a Second Y-Axis in Google Sheets

My bar graph is now showing two Y axes. The bar on the left represents “Sales”, while the bar on the right represents “Revenue”.

To make more sense of my bar graph, the bars are color-coded; blue represents “Sales”, while red represents “Revenue”.

If you want to customize the axes on your bar graph, then you can go to the “Customize” section in the “Chart editor” and click on the menu just above “Series” which says “Chart and axis titles”. This menu lets you choose titles for each of your axis; including your chart too. Moreover, it lets you choose colors for the axis as well.

This customization allows you to make your bar graph more readable, comprehensible and sensible.

If needed customize the axes with this option again

Closing Thoughts

Well, I hope my article on how you can add a second Y-axis to your bar graph will be able to help you when you need to work on your Google Sheets charts.

Best of luck!

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