How to Add Text and Label a Legend in a Google Sheet

Google sheets are important for people who work in the office or corporate Jobs. Google Sheets is a substitute for Microsoft excel. Some missing functions of Microsoft excel. Microsoft Excell is apps based, another Google Sheets is web-based. If you work it anywhere in groups, you can share it with others easily on Google Sheets.

In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to add text and label a legend in a google sheet.

First Step:

Firstly, you open your Google Sheets. Then, let’s just make a basic chart. Now, input the data. This data is valuable for a business or another Purpose. Suppose to be sales for a different product. I am using poorly labeled data to just show you to edit a legend.

make a basic chart

Second Step:

Highlighting the data range you want to use. Click the mouse left button and scroll the mouse in the lower portion from A1 to A5.

Second Step

Third Step:

Then, we go to the menu bar and select insert.

Then, show the Cells, Rows, columns, sheet, chart, pivot table, image, drawing, function, and link.

You are going to do a chart now by default google sheets selects the chart type that they think best fits your data.

select insert from menu bar to add chart

You are going to change this to a chart by coming setup and chart type. Firstly select the setup option. The setup option shows the Column, Bar, and Pie Chart. As your wish, you select any chart for work. So, you select a pie chart.

change this to a chart by coming setup and chart type

Fourth Step:

By default here, it has a percentage next to each selection of data here. Google Sheets Show the pie chart and the pie chart is divided into five divisions. Each division creates value.

Fourth Step

Fifth Step:

Then, show the chart editor. Chart Editor has two divisions.

  1. Setup
  2. Customize

Click the setup tab, then you go to lebel. You can select your data range to use as the lebels for these charts.

select your data range to use as the lebels

Sixth Step: 

Label is a very important option. Then, you can see how it has these values to lebel your chart. So, it can make it a little easier to read because now instead of just seeing the percentage. You can see the actual number used to create the percentage.

see the actual number used to create the percentage

Seven Step:

If you want to remove this value, you can select the remove options and finally remove the value.

Seven Step

Eight Step:

You can manually type in here too you just have to double click and you can see it opens up this text box. The supposed to represent is the sales of this item Pendrive and this is sales of another item let’s go earphone, laptop, mouse, and you will just go keyboard. This Chart represents sales for various products but without this level, you can’t identify specific data values.

opens text box to edit

Nine Step:

If you want to customize your legend, you have to click customize tap. Then, show the options Chart Style, Pie Chart, Pie Slice, Chart and Axis Title, and Legend.

Finally, you navigate down to this legend option.

customize tap

Ten Step:

After clicking the legend option you can see the position and you can change the position so maybe you want it on the Top, Bottom, Left, Right, and Auto. At last, you click the bottom option. The below shows the final figure.

Ten Step

Eleven Step:

 You can also edit the font. So, you have a different font setting that you can change Legend font, Font size, Legend format, and Text Color. This is pretty much it for adding and editing a lebel legend.

Legend font and format that can change your data shape.

Another one Legend font size can switch your data font size.

If you want to change the text color, you will use the text color option. That’s it.

Eleven Step


Pie Chart or Graph Chart shows data value. Adding a label legend helps to make your graphs easier to read. So, it is very important for the customers of a company. In a short time, customers understand the pie chart.

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