How to Change Row Height in Google Sheets

For the topic of this article, I have decided to talk about how you can change the row height in Google Sheets very easily and with simple steps.

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One may need to modify the height of a cell/ row in order to accommodate data or make a better presentation of it. Whatever the reason may be and, whether you want to decrease the height or increase it; there are a few ways in which you can achieve this and I am going to show you how.

Change Row Height by Click and Drag

The most common way to modify row heights in a spreadsheet is to click on the border of the row and, drag it according to the height you prefer.

Check out the example that I have shown below:

Click and Drag Example data sheet

Suppose that I want to enlarge the height of the row which has the data “Sri Lanka”. What I need to do is:

  • Place my cursor on the bottom border of the cell which has the data “Sri Lanka”.
  • Click on my mouse and hold it.
  • Drag the cursor downwards (or upwards; if I want to decrease the height by any chance) to increase the height of the cell.
  • Let go of the mouse when I reach my preferred height.
Change Row Height by Click and Drag

Apart from the example that I have just used, where I change the height of only one row, you can choose to change the height of multiple rows. All you have to do is, select all of the relevant rows and use the same technique that I have shown you. By doing so, the new, modified height will be the same for all the rows.

Auto-fill Data to Change Row Height

One of the most common reasons why you might need to modify the height of row/s (increase it in this case) is because the volume of the data is too large to be visible inside the current row size. This is especially the case when there are more than one lines, all inserted into one cell.

You can of course, manually alter (increase) the row height to make all of the data visible; however, you can also make a spreadsheet do it for you, automatically.

To do that, you need to follow the steps I have below:

  1. Suppose there is a large volume of data all cramped into one row, or, rows. Well, firstly, I will select all of the relevant rows whose height needs to be modified.
  2. Place my cursor at the bottom border of any one of the rows which are selected.
  3. (By hovering the cursor over the border, it will change its icon to an arrow with double points). I will double-click on the border using the left button on my mouse.

Now, all of the selected rows will be modified to perfectly accommodate all of my data and have it be visible. However, there are a few things which you should consider when applying this double-click technique:

  • Unlike the first click and drag technique, this double-click technique does not make the height of all the rows the same. This technique simply modifies (increases) the size of the rows just enough; so that all of the data is accommodated and visible.
  • The height of the row may even decrease, if there is more space and less content. This is because this double-clicking commands your spreadsheet to automatically fill the rows with its content.

Change Row Height Using the Menu

Did you know that apart from all of these two techniques, you can also change the height of your rows by using a menu that is available in your spreadsheet?

To adjust the row height using the menu, you need to follow these simple steps:

  • Select all of the rows which have your data.
Change Row Height Using the Menu

As you can see in my example, my data is not visible in the rows and, I need to modify the row height.

  • Second, I will place my cursor on any one of the rows which are selected and double-click.
  • A dialogue box will appear and from there, I will choose the “Resize” option.
After selecte the row and double click on it this dialogue box opend now select Resize option
  • From the options on how I want to modify my row height; I will choose “Fit to Data”.
Now select Fit to Data option and click on OK button
  • Lastly, I will click on “OK”.
How to Change Row Height in Google Sheets

Closing Thoughts

Well, now you know the few ways in which you can alter the row height in your spreadsheet. To summarize, you can click and drag, auto-fill, or, use Google Sheet’s own function to resize rows.

Best of luck!

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