How to Delete Blank Rows in Google Sheets

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Okay, now to answer how you can remove blank rows in Google Sheets; let me first describe Google Sheets a little bit for you.

Introduction to Google Sheets

Google Sheets is a spreadsheets program- now very popular. The difference between Google Sheets from the free Google Docs Editors suite and Microsoft Excel is that it can be worked on by more than one user in real-time.

There are other differences which can be addressed between these two and to know more about Microsoft Excel VS Google Sheet.

How to Delete Blank Rows in Google Sheets

Working on Google Sheets can be very messy sometimes, especially, when you have a huge volume of data on your hands. You will need to modify your spreadsheet every now and then while you are working and as a result, some of your data in between rows got moved around.

Having a few empty rows can be manageable; however, what if you end up with a hundred or thousand empty rows here and there? Now, dealing with that can be challenging.

In my article here, I will try to answer just this.

Today I’ll show you 3 popular way to delete blank rows in Google Sheets. There are:

  1. By filtering out the empty rows and deleting
  2. By sorting and deleting
  3. Using Macros

Let us get into it then!

Filtering Out the Empty Rows To Delete

This one is pretty simple. All you need to do is filter out all of the empty rows of your entire work book.

Filtering Out the Empty Rows

In my example above, I have organized a list of students along with their student ID codes, respective departments and their average scores on a test.

Now, notice that there are empty rows in between the rows with data in them. Here is how you have to extract all of the blank rows and delete them.

1. Start with adding filters to your data. Select your entire data and click on the “Data” option from the top menu bar.

2. Select “Create a filter” from the drop down menu.

Creating a Filter

3. You should have the small filter icons on the titles of each column.

have the small filter icons on the titles of each column

4. Click on the filter and choose how you want to filter out your rows. Click on the “Clear” option from the filter’s drop down menu. This unselects all of the rows.

Clear Filter if don't needed

5. Now you have to select your preferred row. Since you are filtering out empty rows, you have to select the “(blank)” option. Then click on “OK”.

filtering out empty rows

6. You should have only the empty rows on your workbook now.

now there is only the empty rows

7. Now select all of these rows using the Shift key. Then, open the right-click menu and choose the option “Delete selected rows”. This will remove all of the empty rows and the rest of the data will not be hampered with.

Delete selected empty rows

Sorting and Deleting

This method of removing unused rows from your workbook is equally easy and fast. The only difference is that using the earlier method, you have to filter out the empty rows from the entire data. Using this method, you just organize the used rows and unused rows.

1. Select the entire data. Then, click on the “Data” from the top menu bar. Select “Sort range” from the drop-down menu and go on “Sort range by column A (Z to A)” from the second drop-down menu.

Sorting and Deleting

2. Your spreadsheet should present you with all of the used rows together and then all of the unused rows.

used rows together

Now, you can select all of the unused rows using your Shift key and simply remove like the way I had mentioned in the first method.

select unused rows and delete them

>> Make sure to click on “Z to A” and “A to Z” when you are selecting to sort your data.

>> Once all of the empty rows have been deleted, you cannot rearrange the data into the original structure.

Delete Empty Rows Using Macros

A macros is a set of instructions that has been coded into Google Sheets by the user in advance for specific tasks. These tasks can range anything from inserting rows, selecting a text format to deleting rows.

You can design you own macros for deleting rows and then every time you want to delete certain rows you just give your spreadsheet that exact command by typing in the specific key combinations which you have used to built the macros for this task.

To learn more about using macros in Google Sheets; you can give our article “Does Google Sheets have Macros” a read.

I hope my tutorial on deleting blank rows in Google Sheets was helpful for you.

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