Google Sheets Notes Vs Comments

In this Google Sheets tutorial article, today I’ll write on Google Sheets Notes Vs Comments. Google Sheets is a great spreadsheet tool where you can add extra information as you need in your sheets. There have two methods to do that job: Notes and Comments.

Notes and Comments are very similar simple text boxes but have some differences between them.

Let’s talk about the difference between these two methods and how to use them in Google Sheets.

Difference Between Google Sheets A Note and A Comment

The main difference between Google Sheets Notes and Comments is, a note in Google sheet is just a simple text box, where you can enroll short information to the cell.

Compare to notes, a comment is also a simple box that sums up extra information but comment functionality is usable in a multi-user context. You can establish in your comment in the cell of your Google Sheet files.

Users of that Google Sheet anyone can see your comments and they can reply to your comment. If any user makes a comment, who made the comment you can see that. You can also edit, delete and tag others in your comments. In a simple way:

  • Both are used to show a simple text box in the selected cell.
  • Comments or notes have any conflict or connection with spreadsheet cell value or cell function.
  • By click on the cell with comments or note, it’s show data in a similar way.
  • If you copy spreadsheet cell data with Notes or Comments, in both cases Notes or Comments will be also copied.

Where it looks like notes and comments are similar simple text boxes but Comments has few extra useful features than notes. Like:

  • In comment, the other person can reply, but in note, it’s not possible.
  • In note, it’s not possible to tag team members, but in a comment it’s possible.
  • In comment, you can assign any task to solve specifically to anyone who has access to the sheet, but in note, it’s not possible.

So, in one sentence, in Google Sheets, comments are more useful when you want to send and show a notification of your text box to your team members. And they are different types of simple text boxes to store any short information.

Google Sheets Notes Vs Comments: How To Add Notes In Google Sheets

First Step: Select cell

  • 1st select the cell where you want to add your note.
Select cell

Second Step: Click Insert note

  • Right-click on the cell and move your cursor down and select ‘Insert note’.

Third Step: See empty box

  • An empty text box will become visible.
  • Type your note in the empty text box
  • Press inter when it finished.
type your note

Four Step: Type note

  • When you will see a little black triangle in the top right-hand corner of your cell that means your note is successfully done.
  • If you want to see your note, hover over the cell then your text box will become visible.
Type note

How To Edit A Note In Google Sheets

Move the cursor over the cell whose note you want to edit and click on the note.

How to Edit a Note

How To Delete A Note

Move the cursor over the cell whose Note you want to remove and right-click, then select the “Delete note”.

How to Delete a Note

How To Add Your Comments In Google Sheets

When everyone is working together on a task, the comment method is very effective for expressing everyone’s opinion in Google Sheets.

  • First, select the cell then Right-click on the cell where you want to comment and you will see an option called “comment” on the right side of the cell and select “comment” or use shortcut Ctrl+Alt+M
  • Type your comment and when your comment is finished, click the comment button.

How To Reply To A Comments

Hover over the cell, you can see a comment box , click comment box, and type in your reply, when your reply is finished then press the reply button.

Reply comments

How To Delete A Comments In Google Sheets

  • If you want to delete your comments then hover over on the cell, you can see a comment box, click the comment box inside the comment box on the top left side you will see 3 dots and click the three dots.
  • You get some options there present also delete option. Click the delete option, you can see, your comment will be deleted.
  • You can also edit and link to this comment.
Delete comments

How To Resolve A Comments

Sometimes comments need to be resolved later, so you can resolve a comment that way,

  • Hover over on the cell, you can see a comment box with inside the comment box on the top left side exact mark.
  • Click the exact mark then you can see delete your comment.
Resolving comments


When you want to add extra information in Google Sheets then note and comment both are very helpful.  

If you single user then notes are enough for you, but in the case of multiple users, where multiple people can respond, the comment is very useful to help you to communicate with your partner.

I hope this article on Google Sheets notes vs comments helped you to understand the differences.

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