IMPORTRANGE Function: How to Use In Google Sheets

Google Sheets is an amazing platform to make our life very easy. If you work with google sheets you will be aware of data from one in other spreadsheets. In this process, you can arrange data by linking two individual devices with the medium of URL copied.

If you change any data in your sheets another person can also see the corrected worksheets. By setting up data, the operation will deliberately sync with the paternity of data from one file or sheet. A range of cells is generated by the process of it. It authorizes connectivity between two or more spreadsheets.


IMPORTRANGE is categorized by many functions that can be worked in google sheets. Functions are used to create strands and do one part of your spreadsheet’s data.

Why do we use IMPORTRANGE?

  • For better formation

If you feel it inlaid so perplexing sheets that have moving variables that you discrete from other parts of your data. You can also use it for a rummage and concatenate these sheets that you circulate everywhere. It allows you to connect another spreadsheet in a single run for an onrush of your data.

  • For cooperating with your friend

If you are pursuing a combined program, the work of two or more people can be systemically reduced in a singular sheet using IMPORTRANGE.

How to use IMPORTRANGE function in google sheet

There are some common steps involved in the IMPORTRANGE in google sheets. Here the tutorials are given below:

First Step:

  • Firstly, an untitled spreadsheet can be opened and you can see some categories of columns and rows.
  • You can customize your sheets with many necessary options and the sheets that you made can print and shared also.

Second Step:

  • In this tutorial, We entered some names in alphabetic serial at the left sight rows in the A part. Then in the B part, we are written Physics scores.
  • Now, you can get an URL and copy the following URL bar.
  • Some editing options will help you for customizing your data.
Second Step

Third Step:

  • You have to copy the whole URL bar and insert it into the search box.
  • After copying it, insert the copied link in the search box.
Third Step

Forth Step:

  • You can copy the URL after /d/ before the linked letter of /e.
  • Next, insert the certain copied link that you have chosen in the search box.
Forth Step

Fifth Step:

  • In this following tutorial, we barged into the function from =IMPORTRANGE(spreadsheet_url, range_string)
  • This might help you to link up between two devices.
Fifth Step

Six Step:

  • In this tutorial, we are trying to show you the highlighting red colored copied link inserted with ‘’sheet 1’’ given below.
  • Some toolbar helps you to find out the correction options.
Six Step

Seven Step:

  • This is the last step for Importing Range in google sheets.
  • In the spreadsheet, click the right pad in the columns for connecting the acquired sheets and you have to click the “allow access” highlighting options.
Seven Step
  • After that, you will get the preserved data that you consumed and want to share the data with someone. Now, you can get the expected data that you entered afore.
Final results of example data of IMPORTRANGE Function


In this tutorial, we are trying to comprehend to you how to use the IMPORTRANGE in google sheets. This is a very useful and facile procedure. Also, it is very adjuvant to the work which is continuously updated.

It saves time to operate from any place and any time if necessary. If access is delivered the editor can edit the data from anywhere. The work excellency depends on proper guidance and data arrangements.

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