How to Insert a Text Box in Google Sheets

In this tutorial article, I’ll try to show you how you can insert a simple text box in Google Sheet in an easy step-by-step guide.

last interface with insert a Text box

This is the last interface with insert a Text box in Google Sheets. In this way, there are several steps to complete.

Insert a Text Box in Google Sheets

Don’t worry, it will be done after passing 7 steps and the steps are given below:

Step 1:

First, enter into the Google Sheet on your computer. Now, you can see just below the untitled spreadsheet with some common options like file, editing option, insert, etc. You have to choose the insert option first.

in step1 take a blank spreadsheet

Step 2:

Click “Insert” and scroll it down. Now, you can see an option named Drawing. The Drawing dialog box is given below:

Goto Menu to Drawing dialog box

Step 3:

Simply click the rectangle “T” box that is the ‘Text box’ option.

click the rectangle T box

Step 4:

As usual, you have to click and hold to create a box by dragging in the drawing area for your text.

create a box by dragging in the drawing area

Step 5:

After accomplishing this you can type the text that you want to be written in the text box.

Step 5

Step 6:

After writing something in the box Click on the “Save and Close option”. Through this process the document just you have created will be saved and close the interface as well.

Save and Close option

Step 7:

At last, the final interface that you can see in the insert text box in Google Sheets is given below:

It will be more attractive by editing the text with bold or colorful words where necessary. Again some improvement tips like establishing a successful spreadsheet or development for your text, you can write with italic font, change the text color, zoom in or zoom out, and change the text borders. Other options like horizontal or vertical-align, make it duplicate for further document use. You can share the document also.

How to Insert a Text Box in Google Sheets

It is the easiest and simple task. Anyone can try this. The instructions that I provided were helpful to create an inserted text box in Google Sheets. In establishing a successful sheet, focus always on the given steps.

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