How to Make a Line Graph in Google Sheets

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Speaking of the many amazing features found on Google Sheets; you can find a tool with which you can create line graphs to present your data visually and more pleasantly. In this article, I will try and explain to you how you can work with this tool for the maximum effective results.

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Benefits of using Line Graphs in a SpreadSheet

Line graphs are great ways to present your data for business purposes.

  • You can analyze changes that have taken place gradually over a specific period of time; thus understanding the nature of the element you are observing.
  • One can identify trends by studying line graphs; thus drawing more precise conclusions and perhaps create reasonable grounds for predictions as well.
  • Line graphs are terrific ways for comparisons between elements. For this you need to create double-line graphs and I will give you a tutorial on how to make this as well.
  • Line graphs are extremely simple to draw up which allows you to save quite a lot of time with your office work and helps you to give results with large volumes of data on time.
  • If you can combine line graphs with columns graphs- this will give you an added advantage of a more accurate and understandable presentation which will make your reports stand out and appreciated. (I will show you how you can achieve this step-by- step too).

Okay, now that you already know how cool this graphics tool in Google Sheets can be, let us get to the main part of this article- and this, how to make a line graph in Google Sheets.

How to Make a Line Graph Based on a Single Data Series in Google Sheets

You can create line graphs where your graph will show a single line or you can make a line graph with more than one line. I am going to begin with the simple graph of single lines.

1. Firstly, you need to have a set of data at your hands, like the example shown below.

number of subscribers

Notice that I have a single series of data (which is the “number of subscribers”). There are no values of another kind of characteristic. This is because; I am creating a graph with a single line.

2. You have to select your set of data.

3. Find the “Insert” option from your spread sheet’s top menu bar and click on it.

4. A drop down menu will open up. From there, click on the fifth option that says “Chart”


5. If you click on “Chart” Google Sheets will generate a line chart for you.

Insert A line Chart

Remember: Like I showed you in my example here, I got a line graph by just clicking on “Chart” from “Insert”.
However, there may some cases where you may not be presented with a line graph. Instead, you may be given a bar graph, or a column graph. This is because, Google Sheets considers the data you have given as input and tries to understand its type and, by doing so, it generates the kind of graph that it assumes to be best suitable for the kind of data you are working with.

So, if for this reason, you do not get a line graph you can always change that with these simple steps shown below.

How To Change Chart Type and make Line Graph

1. Click on the little line on the right top corner of your graph that is made up of three little dots.

Edit Chart option 3 dot

2. From the drop down menu click on the “Edit Chart” option.

Edit Chart

3. A dialogue box named “Chart Editor” will open up on the right. Find “Setup” window and click on that.

Setup chart setting

Just below “Setup” see the dialogue box that says “Chart type”. By clicking on that, you will be given options on how you want your graph to be. From there, you can choose your preferred line graph.

select line chart in Chart type

How to Make a Line Graph Based on Multiple Data Series

Now suppose that I have the data of number of subscribers for two different channels and I want to incorporate them both into a line graph.

Making a Line Graph Based on Multiple Data Series
  1. Select your set of data and then click on the “Insert” option from the top menu bar.
  2. From the drop down menu, find “Chart” and click on that.
  3. Your spread sheet should display a line graph for you which has two lines of two different colors to represent the different nature of data.
lines of two different colors

In case you have winded up with a graph other than  line graph:

  1. Go on the small line on the top right corner of you chart and click on the three dot icon.
  2. From the “Edit Chart” option, open the “Chart Editor” message box.
  3. Click on “Setup” and you can see an array of graphs.
  4. Select your desired line graph.
Select your desired line graph

How to Combine a Line Graph with a Column Graph on Google Sheets

You can also represent your data with two different kinds of charts incorporated into a single diagram. In this case, you will need more than one series data and one kind of chart will depict one series of data and the other kind of chart will depict the second series of data.

If I take my previous example for this tutorial as well; we have two series of data; “number of subscribers for Channel” A and “number of subscribers for Channel B”. Now, I wish to represent this analytics using both a column and a line graph.

1. Click on “Insert” from the top menu bar and choose “Chart”.

2. Click on the option “Chart”.

3. Google Sheets will generate a line graph for you as we have learnt earlier.

How to Combine a Line Graph with a Column Graph on Google Sheets

4. To convert this into column-line chart go to the “Chart Editor” menu as I have shown earlier.

5. Find “Chart type” and select that.

6. From the given options you can see an option that is a combination of lines and column. Click on that option.

combination of lines and column

7. The third option is showing me a chart that consists both column and a line. If I select that, I should get my combo-chart.

How to Make a Line Graph in Google Sheets

You can see the keys on the top of my chart: the color blue for “number of subscribers for Channel A” and the color red stands for “number of subscribers for Channel B”.

Customization of your Line Graph

You also have the liberty of customizing your line graph according to how you want it to be presented, with the options from chart editor’s “Customize” option. Here are the customizations which you can make with this tool:

Chart Style

With chart style, you can make your chart appear smoother or make the edges pointier and maximize the size of the chart.

Chart Title and Axis Title

With this feature you can add a title to your chart, your horizontal and vertical axes and a sub title to your chart.

Point Size & Shape and Line Size

You can alter the width of your line and the thickness of the plotting points in our graph. In addition, you can change the shape of the plotting points from dots to “X”s as well.

Series Alignment

You can also choose the alignment of your series; this means that you can decide whether you want you your series to be aligned on the left side or the right side. Moreover, you can also decide to place on series on the left alignment and another series on the right alignment- this is especially useful when you have multiple series of data.

X and Y Axis

Using this option, you can switch between your X axes and Y axes.

To learn more about how you can switch between your X and Y axes, you can check out.

Font Size and Font Style

You can alter the font size and style for all your titles as well.

To Wrap it up

We hope this article on how to make a line graph in Google Sheets was helpful for you.

Best of luck!

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