How to Randomize a List in Google Sheet

Knowledge about randomization of the list in Google Sheets is very important for people who want to settle up data in a specific manner. If anyone wants to join this for meeting or study and class purposes as well, they have to a consciousness of our instructions.

Some tangible genre categorizes the order of data in the spreadsheet. In several clicks the randomization of an extent in Google Sheets promptly. Here we are talking about some significant and emergent steps in randomizing a list in Google Sheets. There is various avenue to randomize data in Google sheets.

There are commonly three (3) used steps in Google Sheets:

  1. Using the Randomize Range Feature.
  2. By Filter and Sort Feature.
  3. Using a Formula.

Randomize a list in Google Sheet

Now, we will show you how to randomize a list in google sheets Using a Filter and Sort Feature. Some important steps are given below:

Within 8 steps we are trying to show you the randomization of the list.

First step

  • Firstly, open the spreadsheet and you will get some categorize like vertical columns and horizontal rows.
  • Click the no: 1 box and enter a name that you type. Some necessary tables help you to bold your text and edit colorful words.
First step to randomize a list in Google Sheet
  • There are various options that you can get to personalize and extend the text. If necessary, you can print and share the page also.

Second step

  • After writing something you will show the interface that we have given below.
  • We bold no: 1 item in the red colored word.
Second step
  • In every box, you can create and arrange several texts and numbers.

Third step

After that, you have to press the right sight button of your mouse or touchpad and some options arranged in them. You have to choose at the end option” view more cell actions”.

Third step
  • By clicking the right button on the mouse or touchpad you can get some options like conditional formatting, data validation, getting a link, range, name of randomization, etc. This might help you with several purposes.

Forth step

  • The number four tutorial is choosing the sort range option.
  • Here, is another way to find the sort range option by clicking the upper right menu bar “Data” option.
Forth step
  • As we are showing the tutorial about filter and sort formula we have chosen the sort option.

Fifth step

  • In this step, we are showing the interface by clicking the sort range option.
  • Here, you can see the Sort range from A2 to A10, and below has the box of data headers.
  • Now, you have to click A-Z or Z-A and click the sort option. We arranged in A-Z that alphabetically given below:
Fifth step
  • Generally, the A-Z category is the best way to find out the given texts or numbers
  • Now, you can see alphabetic serially arranged texts in rows.

Six step

  • We used some names for tutorials and you can add text for various purposes.
Six step
  • In this tutorial with remarked indication, we are trying to recognize that the several names are randomly arranged from top to bottom not random alphabetical manner.

Seven step

  • In this step, we can select the alphabetic system from the lower to the uppermost position that has shown just a few ago.
  • Now, click the sort option.
Seven step
  • If anyone can arrange it with a tip, he/she can arrange this for his/her own pleasure.

Eight step

  • Here, you can see the list from bottom to apex alphabetic arrangements.
  • You can sort it by several columns like columns A, B, C, etc.
Eight step
  • This is the last interface and stable step in the sort method.


This is a well-regulated tactic accustomed to one’s own sheet will modification schedule. This artifice is a little bit tenacious and the method experience with manifold echelon. In this tutorial, we are trying to provide the most feasible and progressive way of randomizing some lists of google sheets.

It will progress day by day through working experience. It is similar to the Microsoft Excel worksheet but easier than excel. Above all of these tutorials will help you to create a better randomization list in google sheets.

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