How to Sort by Multiple Columns In Google Sheets

For this article, I wanted to talk about how you can sort data in multiple columns in Google Sheets. This is a very helpful tip and it is fairly simple to do too! Once you get a hand at it, you will understand that doing this will save you a lot of time and make your work easier for you. 

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I will show you how you can sort multiple columns in Google Sheets in a step-by-step guideline, with an example so that you can understand better.

Sorting Multiple Columns in Google Sheets: 6 Steps

Two things that you want to make sure of are, that the columns which you need to sort should already have data in them and not be made of blank cells. In addition, remember that the columns selected for sorting should be consecutively next to each other.

Sorting Multiple Columns in Google Sheets Example data sheet

1. In my example, I have a data which has information about the identities of students and the test results that they have achieved in their respective subjects. Now, I may wish to sort column B and column C. So, I will first, click on the corner on the top left of column B and drag my cursor to the corner at the bottom right of column C. This way, I have selected the two columns which I want to sort.

select the two or more columns which want to sort

2. Now, once you have selected your columns, click on the “Data” option from the menu at the top of your spreadsheet.

3. As the drop-down menu appears, hover your cursor over the option which says “Sort range”.

Goto From menue bar Data option to Sort range option

4. Now is the time to select a column to do your sorting. Firstly, click on “Advanced range sorting option” from the drop-down menu.  

How to Sort by Multiple Columns In Google Sheets

For instance, the data in column B is the identity of the students and the data in column C is the name of subjects; therefore, I will select the column B to sort by the identities and select column C to sort by the names of the subjects.

One more thing that you need to know is, that if the columns you select have a header in the first row, then you need to check on the box which says “Data has header row”. This box is on the very top of the dialogue box.

5. Afterwards, you need to select the order in which you want to sort the data in your columns.

select the order which you need to sort the data in your columns

As you can see in my example, there are two options available for the order of sorting. You can either choose to sort your data in an ascending order, or, you can choose to sort them in a descending order.

  • The option “A to Z” means sorting in an ascending order and,
  • The option “Z to A” means to sort your data in a descending order.
  • If in any case, you want to apply another method of sorting then, first, go to the option “Advanced range sorting option” from the drop-down “Data” menu. Afterward, click on the address link which says “add another sort column”.
the alternative way add another sort column in the Advanced range sorting option under the dropdown menu of Data option
  • If you need to remove any sorting method, then all you need to do is, click on the icon, given right next to the method; which looks like a trash bin. By doing so, you will remove (delete) the sorting method.
remove any sorting method

6. All there is left to do now is, click on the “Sort” given right at the corner on the bottom right. Now you should have sorted data based on the columns that you selected.

Closing Thoughts

Well, I hope my article was helpful and, that you can sort data by multiple columns in Google Sheets next time.

Best of luck!

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