Google Sheets Formulas Not Working (Refresh Formulas)

Are you facing Google Sheets Formula not working problem? I’m going to discus 4 ways to solve your this formula not working problem.

The easiest way of correcting this problem is by refreshing the formula. How should you go about it when such an occurrence surfaces?

When you are working with Google Sheets, you may need to change the recalculation settings to enable formulas to refresh depending on your preferred intervals. It could either be more or less frequently.

One of the cases that may require you to frequently refresh your formulas is when you are importing financial data.

In such instances, you need to update the formulas. So that the newly imported data can be updated. This requires you to update the recalculation settings to enable it.

If Google Sheets Formulas Not Working then, Refresh the Spreadsheet

Your google sheet formulas not working problem may solve just by refreshing or reloading the sheet on your browser.

You can do that by browser reload burton or by press keyboard reloading/refresh key F5.

Google Sheets Formulas Not Working

How to Auto Refresh Formulas by Changing the Recalculation Settings

If you are using Google Finance function that involves importing financial data or stock prices, you have to make some adjustments.

Why? Because Google Sheet’s default recalculation settings are recalculate “on change”. This means that whenever a change occurs or is done in the spreadsheet, the formula is recalculated.

However, when importing numbers, a problem arises because the formulas do not recalculate if you do not change the settings on Google Sheets. Therefore, all you have to do is to change the settings and the problem is solved.

How to change Google Sheets recalculation settings:

  • Select “File” in the top menu which opens a drop-down menu
file to setting
  • Select “Settings” in that drop-down menu
  • Then select “Calculation” tab
  • Select the drop-down box that is below recalculation
  • This is where you find different settings that include: on change, on change and every minute, and on change and every hour. Select your preferred setting among these three
  • Then select “Save Settings
Recalculation Settings

Having changed the recalculation settings, the formulas will auto-refresh google sheets formulas every single minute.

Changing your recalculation settings in your spreadsheet is important to know for convenience, especially for those who regularly work with imported data, whereby, the formulas do not update automatically.

When you do your recalculation settings, be cautious about doing it in enormous files that contain many formulas.

Mark you, changing the settings to recalculate more frequently in large spreadsheets with many formulas can affect your spreadsheet negatively by making it slow down.

Why does this happen? Because the more data a spreadsheet has, requires more time to calculate. Therefore, you need to consider this before changing the settings in large files.

Make a New Copy of Your Spreadsheet

By creating a clone copy of your current sheet, your problem may solve. You may try it for sure. Do it by following steps given bellow:

  • At first go to File option in the top
  • In 2nd simply click on “Make a Copy” option to create a clone.
make a copy

Restore a Previous Version of Your Sheet

If you worry about new process you can simply go to one of previous version of that sheet to solve your problem. Even you can do it to check anything worked properly or not in few moment ago as a preview mode. It’s fill me like time travel to past.

To do this follow these steps:

  • There is 3 options to go version history. Click on “Last Edit Was ….. ” on the top of the menu beside “Help” menu, or go to “File” option of menu > “Version history” > “See version history” or use shortcut Ctrl+Alt+Shift+H
Check a Previous Version
  • In version history you should see all the previous old versions with the date, time of edit and editor name. There is 3 dot menu option called “More actions” on the right hand side of every version, click on that menu. You will get 3 options “restore this version”, “name this version”, “make a copy”
Restore a Previous Version or make a copy
  • If you want to restore that selected version you need to go with “restore this version” option. Then popup with come confirm your action with Cancel or Restore option.
  • Go with “Restore” option and you are done.
Restore a old Version


It is not hard to auto-refresh Google Sheet formulas. You just need to know where to click to have them changed for convenience.

Choose the best option for you among the 4 available ones to solve your problem, and you will be good to go.

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