How to Use the Find and Replace Function in Google Sheets

Welcome to another article from us at TeqTog! Today I am going to go on and write on the How to use the Find and Replace function in Google Sheets. This is a very handy feature which assists users of Google Sheets in managing huge volume of data.

In both our personal and professional lives, we have to work with a significant volume of data. Calculations involve a lot of figures and because calculations may need to be modified, data within the calculations will need to be changed as well.

This is where the “Find and Replace” feature comes in to help you out. This feature identifies data from a plethora of numbers and replacing that with whatever value you would like.

Benefits of Find and Replace in Google Sheets

Find and Replace in Google Sheets is an effective feature which lets you keep track of vast data; especially data which requires to be continuously updated. For instance, any data representing a certain process or situation.

Using the Find and Replace tool, you can locate a value for a specific qualitative characteristic and simply change the value. In this way, the Find and Replace function helps with quick and easy data management making your lives easier.

This is why I will try to guide with a detailed step by step set of instruction to help you get familiar with the Find and Replace feature in Google Sheets and also, how to apply it in your daily lives.

Additional Pros of Find and Replace in Google Sheets

Before we can get started, I wanted to share with you the additional benefits you will be provided with, if you are using the Find and Replace in Google Sheets.

This feature does not just identify a value for you so that you can edit it or replace it. It has so much more to offer that makes your data management much more convenient. Here, take a look!

You have the option to single out a particular part of your spread sheet, to do your search. For instance, you can choose to filter out a specific sheet out of the entire spread sheet or maybe a particular range; within which you may carry out your search.

2. Grammatical Error

The Find and Replace tool will even assist you with identifying any grammatical error that may be lurking around.

3. Higher Level of Accuracy

You can make sure that your search results are exactly what you were looking for, by matching all of the content in the cell.

4. Identifying with Formula

Find and Replace also lets you search for your data by identifying particular formulae that you may have given as input.  By locating that formula, you will also find the data you were looking for.

5. Extra Filtering

You can opt for using extra filters so that your searches can be extra vigilant.

How to Use the Find and Replace Function in Google Sheets

Since continuous update in data is most common in inventory management, I will be using that as my example here.

Suppose, you run a store and you have to keep track of how many items of sales you have made and at what price, which customer bought which product and the purchase quantity and how much of each product you have left in your stock.

Locating a Value in your Spread Sheet

Now, suppose you would like to locate the value for your sales volume for eggs. There are two options as to how you can do this.

i. Find “Edit” on the top left side of your spread sheet and click there. At the very bottom, select “Find and Replace”.

Locating a Value in your Spread Sheet

ii. Or, you can manually bring the “Find” option by selecting your keyboard keys in the following combination: “Ctrl + H”

You will be shown a pop-up message box which will have an empty space under “Find”. In that space, type in the value for which you want to locate your data.

In my example here, I will give “Egg” then, press on the “Find” option at the bottom of the message box. My spread sheet will then automatically highlight the cell that contains the word “Egg” in blue color.

If I press “Find” a second time, I will be shown the word “Egg” in a different location; where I have used that same word a second time.

Ctrl and H shortcut

iii. In addition, you can also identify the data you are looking for in a short cut. This method does not utilize the “Find and Replace” function in Google Sheets, however, it does serve the exact same purpose.

First, you have to select your keys in the following combination “Ctrl + F”.

By doing so, a small search box will appear on the upper right corner of your spread sheet, you can simply put down the word you are looking for there, and the cells that have that word will be highlighted for you to see.

Find and Replace

There is also a set of arrow buttons at the side of that search box; for you to navigate through all the locations on your spread sheet that has the word “Egg”.

Finding and Replacing a Value in Google Sheets

Let us imagine that one of my customers have returned a few products that she had bought. Now, I need to re-count my inventory and adjust some figures.

I am going to assume that three of neon light bulbs and five breads have to be re-included in my inventory.

I will need to open the “Find and Replace” tool first. Then, I will type in the last inventory count for neon light bulbs, which was 300. The second field under “Find” should be “Replace with”.

In this area, you will type in the new data which you need it to be. So for my “Replace with”, I will give 303.

To make sure that my search result is exactly what I was looking for, I can click on the option “Match Entire Cell Content”.

Match Entire Cell Content

After you have given your input, just click on the second option “Replace” that is on the bottom of the box.

Finding and Replacing a Value in Google Sheets

A message like this will appear which tell you that “Find and Replace” has made your necessary adjustments.  I can proceed on to do the same for the inventory count for “Bread”.


In this same method, I can also adjust the data for the sales volume for Neon Light Bulbs and Bread.

Finding and Replacing a Value in windrows


Finding and Replacing a Value

Afterwards, you can select the “Done” at the right corner downwards.

“Find and Replace” Shortcut Keys For Mac and Windrows Users

For those of you who work with Mac, you have to select these combinations of keys to open the “Find and Replace” dialogue box which I shoed you.

i. “Find and Replace” for a Windows PC – Ctrl + H

“Find and Replace” for Mac users – CMD + Shift + H

ii. “Shortcut way for finding data in spread sheet, for a Windows PC – Ctrl + F

“Shortcut way for finding data in spread sheet, for Mac users – CMD + F

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Additional Features of Find and Replace Function

As I have mentioned earlier, there are additional benefits you can take can advantage of, when you use the “Find and Replace” tool in Google Sheets.

Such as the option for you to select the specific sheet or range you want to search within.

Additional Features for Find And Replace

Under the “Replace with” slot, you can find the “Search” slot. If you click on the space right next to where it says “Search”, you will be provided with the options of where exactly you would like to carry out your search.


Well, I hope my article on how to use the Find and Replace function in Google Sheets has been of great help to you. Be sure to check out other Google sheets tutorial articles from TeqTog as well!

Best of luck!

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