How to Switch the X and the Y Axis in Google Sheets

Hi, there! We are glad you have decided to look into one of the most common questions that users of Google Sheets have: and that is, “How to Switch the X and the Y Axis in Google Sheets?”

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Okay, so Google Sheets is an online spread sheet program which lets the user work with data and create graphs and charts as well.

This is where you will need to know how you can replace the X and Y axis with each other.

How to Switch the X and the Y Axis in Google Sheets: Presenting the Original Graph

As you can see below, this is an original chart which represents the data collected on the age group of heart patients.

Original Graph

My spread sheet has automatically decided to represent the age group data by the X Axis and the number of heart patients by the Y Axis.

  • Make sure that you know the function of each axis of a spread sheet. Generally, from statistical stand view, the X axis is the horizontal coordinate and the Y axis is the vertical coordinate. The data represented by the X axis is independent and the data represented by the Y axis is of dependent nature. This is how you can understand the correlation between the two axes and also the relationship of the data. By understand this much, you can analyze the information presented to you by any charts.
  • Now, suppose I want to replace the A axis with the Y axis in my chart. Follow  these simple steps shown below:

1. You should have your chart right on your screen. Now, you should be able see an icon on the top right, which looks like a line of three little dots. If you select your graph first, this icon will appear. Then, click on the icon and choose “Edit Chart” from the drop down menu.

Edit Chart

2. You can also place your cursor on your graph and right click. A drop down menu will appear and you should select “Data Range” choice. By doing so, the “Chart Editor” message box will appear on the right.

How to Switch the X and the Y Axis in Google Sheets

3. Alternatively, you can also just directly double click on your chart to open the Chart Editor menu.

4. Now, you will find that there are two tabs on the Chart Editor box. In the middle of the message box you will see that there are two slots; consecutively one under the other. One will be called the “X Axis” and the second one will be called the “Series”.

The “X Axis” menu is for the X axis of your graph and the “Series” menu is for your Y Axis.  There will be a cell range for a column mentioned in both the “X Axis” space and the “Series” space. You need to replace the cell range in the “X Axis” space with the “Series” space and replace what is on the “Series” space with the column mentioned in the “X Axis” space.

Chart Editor box

For instance, in my graph you can see that in the space underneath the X axis, column “E3:E8” is mentioned; which is the data for the X axis. Moreover, for the Series, column “F3:F8” is given, which are the cell range for the data being represented by the Y axis.

the X and the Y Axis5

5. Now, you need to click on the three dotted line option that is just on the right side of the data range mentioned. Then, two options will appear and one of them will be “Remove”. You may click on “Remove”.

data range mentioned

If you have removed the data for the X axis, you may proceed to do the same for the “Series” data range which will remove the cell range for your Y axis.

Your chart will look like this now.

removed the data for the X axis

6. Do not worry. After you have removed all data from the respective two blanks; you will need to select the cell range that has the desired data for your X axis. For instance, here in my graph originally, I had the data that informed about the “age group” on the X axis.

Now I wish to display the data for “number of patients” on the X axis. To do this, I will need to click on the blank space under X axis, which will give me two cell ranges. I will select the cell range I want to put on my X axis this time. Therefore, I will choose “F3:F8” which relates to the “number of patients”.

select the cell range

7. Next for your Y axis, click on the empty space under “Series”. A drop down box will appear and you will see a small icon on the right which looks like a little window.

click on the empty space

This is for selecting your cell range for the Y axis/ Series. If you click on this icon a message box will appear on the middle of the screen; where you will be required to enter your desired cell range. In my example, the cell range for the date relating to “age group” was from “E3” to “E8”. Therefore, I will need to select the cell “E3”.

selecting cell range


selecting data range 2

Here, my chart now shows the age group on the Y axis and the number of patients on the X axis. You just need to change the headings of each axis now.

8. To change the names of the axis, simply double click on the name and you can edit the names of each axis.

double click on the name
the X and the Y Axis13

I hope my guidelines on how to switch the X and Y axis in Google Sheets have been of help to you.

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Best of luck!

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