Does Google Sheets Have Macros?

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In this article, I will try to discuss about macros in Google Sheets and how you can create them.

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What is Macros?

Before we can get started, let me give you a little brief about what exactly macros are.

Basically, macros are a set of pre-determined instructions or steps; which you can build into your program. By doing so, you can simply click on a single option instead of giving multiple combinations of commands; the next time you want your program to perform a certain task.

As you may already know, working on Google Sheets can be confusing, tiresome and time-consuming because, it has numerous features and formulas. Having Google Sheets perform a task for you can be quite frustrating sometimes, because of all the instructions that you have to place; usually over and over again.

This is where macros can make your experience with Google Sheets comfortable. Through macros, you have to save a set of step-wise instructions in Google Sheets. The program will learn about the instructions and connect them to a selection of an option. And there you go! From next time, you will not have to manually place the instructions again.

All you have to do now is, just go on the menu and click on the relevant option which contains the command you have recorded. In addition to this, you can also customize shortcuts for your keyboard by using Google Sheets macros.

Your time will be saved and working on Google Sheets will not feel so tedious anymore, right?

Examples of tasks you can perform through macros would be anything from inserting rows or columns, deleting rows or columns, text formatting, to removing data and so on.

Does Excel Macros Work in Google Sheets?

  • One important thing that you should remember is that macros will not operate in the following scenarios:
  1. An Excel file which has been converted to a Google Sheets file.
  2. An Excel file which has been added to Google Drive.

To know more about how you can work with both Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets.

You cannot operate MS Excel macros in Google Sheets. Moreover, Google Sheets has a JavaScript-based language built into it – which is known as Google Apps Script. Therefore, while you cannot run MS Excel macros in Google Sheets; Google Sheets already operates its own macros.

Recording Macros in Google Sheets

You can save a macros in Google Sheets and can even edit the code through Script Editor.

As MS Excel macros is off limits for Google Sheets, there are ways in which you can use macros in Google Sheets. Two of them are mentioned below:

  1. Copy the VBA (visual basic for application) code that is already in Excel and convert it Google Apps Script.
  2. Save a macro in Google Sheets which is closely mimics the VBA code.

Building a Macro in Google Sheets

Recording a macro in Google Sheets can be really easy.

  1. All you have to do is open your spreadsheet and second last option from the top menu bar that says “Extension”.
  2. Select “Macros” from the drop down menu
  3. Select “Record Macros” from the second drop down menu.
Does Google Sheets Have Macros

Once you click on “Record Macros” a dialogue box will appear where you can type in your preferred macros.

Building a Macro in Google Sheets

For my example, suppose I have chosen to create a macros for deleting a row. For this, I will have to:

  • Click on “Save” option.
  • Type in any number I prefer beside “Control + Alt + Shift”
  • Give my macros a name.
  • Click on “Save” again.
Control Alt Shift

Now every time I need to delete a row, I will just give enter the “Control + Alt + Shift + 3” combination.

  • Note that for MAC, the combination for the same macros will be: “Command + Option + Shift +3”

Benefits of Using Macros

As you can already see, using macros on Google Sheets can be a rewarding experience. Macros on Google Sheets also lets you:

  1. Type texts into a spread sheet
  2. Apply any of the functions in Google Sheets
  3. Choose any cells, rows, columns
  4. Select any feature from the Google Sheets menus and tool bars
  5. Use Google Sheets keyboard shortcuts.

(You can read about keyboard shortcuts for Google Sheets in detail in the article “Google Sheets Keyboard Shortcuts” from TeqTog)

There you have it. I hope these tips will be useful for you when using macros in Google Sheets.

Best of luck!

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