How To Export As A CSV File From Google Sheets (Easy One Minute Tutorial)

Hello to you and welcome to another article from TeqTog where you get to learn all sorts of useful tips and tricks for using Google Sheets! In this tutorial, I am going to talk about how you can download a CSV file from Google Sheets, or, how you can save a CSV file from Google Sheets to your computer. It is very easy and it only takes a few minutes.

Now, if you have read my previous article regarding how you can open a CSV file in Google Sheets, you probably know a lot about what a CSV file is and, the ways you can work on it from your Google Sheets. But if you have not done that, I’ll brief you just a little bit; just in case.

CSV files are basically used to import and export items and mainly export reports. The word “CSV” is short for “Comma Separated Values”.

How To Export As A CSV File From Google Sheets

Export As A CSV File From Google Sheets: Downloading

If you want to export a CVS file from Google Sheets, then you can have this done by downloading your current tab in your Google spreadsheet in the form of a CVS file (.cvs file). These are the steps shown below for you to be able to do that:

1. Open a file in your Google Sheets

First, you need to remember to stay on the tab of the Google spreadsheet that has the data which you want to export; since only the tab that you select will get exported.

2. Go on the “File” tab and click on it.

Find the top menu bar find “File” and open it. There will be a drop-down menu for you.

3. Now you have to click on “Download”

You will see an option that says “Download” and you need to place your cursor on this option without clicking on it; so that the sub-menu appears.

4. From the options given, click on the “Comma Separated Values” option. (.cvs, current sheet).

The file should be downloading automatically now and, after it has been exported into your computer, there will be a link that is addressed to the downloaded file shown right at the bottom of your browser.

Things To Remember

  1. After you have exported a file from Google Sheets, it will not be linked with the Google Sheets version of it anymore.
  2. Any and, all of the formatting that you have used on your Google spreadsheet file will be unavailable once that file is exported as a CVS file.
  3. A CVS file is similar to a simple Notepad text file, so, the file that you have exported will not have multiple tabs for you to work with. If you need to export an entire spreadsheet as a CVS file (that is, all the tabs of the spreadsheet need to be exported), then you have to download each tab the way I have shown you.

And that is basically it, on how you can export/ download a Google spreadsheet tab as a CVS file. Hope this helps you.

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