How to Open a CSV File in Google Sheets (Easy Method)

If you are looking for ways in which you can create a CSV file in Google Sheets or want to How to open a CSV file in Google Sheets then my this tutorial article has what you are looking for!

CSV files are used to import and export items and export report in most cases. I hope this tutorial will help you to solve your problem. So read on.


How to Import and Open a CSV File in Google Sheets

To upload your CSV to Google Sheets, you’ll need to download it to your device and then upload it.

You can open these kinds of files in Google Sheets by following the steps I have summarized the steps for you below:

  • You will need an old or new Google Sheets
  • To create a new spreadsheet, you need to go to Google Sheets ( ) and click on the option that says “Blank” under “Start a new spreadsheet” menu.
create a new spreadsheet to import CVS file into it
  • After opening it, you can change its name. In my case, I named it “CSV File in Google Sheets – Teqtog”
  • Now go-to File>Open from the sheet menu bar options or use the keyboard shortcut
Open a CSV File in Google Sheets
  • A dialogue box that says “Open a file” will open up on your screen and, there, you will see find multiple windows to go to. Select the last window which is called “Upload” from that message box.
Open a file by uploading
  • Select the file that is on your computer.
  • After you have chosen to select a file from your computer; a new window will be created that will be called the “Import file” window. In that window, click on the green-colored button which says “Import data”.
How to Import and Open a CSV File in Google Sheets
  • If your file has been imported successfully, then you will be shown a message that says “Open now”. You can click on this to open your CSV file in a table format.
How to Open a CSV File in Google Sheets
  • Done! you made it. Now the sheet should look like this sheet.
after import successfully and open the CSV file now in google sheets

Uploading a CSV File to Google Drive

You also have the option of adding a CSV file to your Google Drive and then having it open in Google Sheets. I have laid out the steps below so that you can do exactly that.

Uploading a CSV File to Google Drive
  1. First, you need to open your Google Drive – obviously.
  2. Select the option that says “New” on the top left corner of the window.
  3. From the “New” drop-down menu, select the “File upload” option.           
  4. You will be given the option to browse for your CSV file from your computer; so, using that, select the file which you want to upload from your device.
  5. Select the “Open with Google Sheets” option so that the CSV file opens in Google Sheets.
  6. And, Google Sheets will display your CSV file as a new working sheet.
go to File upload option

How to Make your CSV File More User-Friendly

There are a few ways in which you can make your CSV file more user-friendly so that it will be much easier for you to work with them; and, here are some of them:

  1. Remove any unwanted row
  2. Similarly, remove any unwanted columns
  3. Apply the “concatenate formula” to clean up your cells.

How to use the Concatenate Formula: Combining Columns

There can be some instances where there are two separate columns for different information. For example, banks use two different columns to put the information on debits and credits.

However, this format is not standard for a spreadsheet budget.

You can overcome this problem by combining information into one column.

To do this, you need to add a new column by selecting “insert new column (Insert 1 left).

Afterward, you can apply the “concatenate formula”. The concatenate formula basically helps you combine data from multiple columns. This means that you do not have to painstakingly copy, paste or retype everything manually.

Below is the entire guideline on how you can use the concatenate formula to combine and clean up cells:

  1. Add a new column on the left side of the debit column.
  2. Insert the following formula for concatenating in the cells of your new column.

Remember that the syntax of the formula is a little different for the debit data and the credit data.

  • For the debit data, the syntax of the formula is:
  • For the credit data, the syntax of the formula is:

For transferring information from the debit column, use the first formula and, similarly, for transferring information from the credit column, apply the second formula. And as a result, you will have all of the data combined into one, single column.

And that is all there is to it, on how to open a CSV file in Google Sheets. I hope my tutorial was able to help you out.

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