How to Use the MOD Function in Google Sheets

Google Sheets has a number of functions for performing many division operations. In which MOD is a mathematical division function.

The MOD function in Google Sheets returns the remainder after a number is divided by a divisor.

In this article, I will teach you how to use the MOD mathematical function in Google Sheet.

MOD Function

MOD is a mathematical function of Google Sheets that lets you find the remainder after dividing two numbers.

Syntax of MOD in Google Sheets

=MOD(dividend, divisor)


dividend: This number will be used to divide and return the remainder.

divisor: Must be divided by this number.

Suppose, A is the number you will be divided to return the remainder and B is the number to divide by then the syntax =MOD(A, B).

How MOD Function Works: Examples

How to Use the MOD Function in Google Sheets

As you can see in the example above, that MOD splits but returns only the remainder.

The function only operates on two numbers – the number you want to apply the modulo operator to, and the divisor.

How to Use the MOD Mathematical Function in Google Sheets

You can easily use the MOD function in Google Sheet by following these 10 basic steps.

1. Select the cell in which you wish to calculate the formula.

2. Type Equals sign (=).

3. Type “MOD”.

To Use the MOD Mathematical Function in Google Sheets select the cell to use and type it

4. Choose the first parameter of your function (dividend).

5. Enter the cell number containing the value.

6. Enter a comma (,)

7. Then select the second argument (divisor).

8. Add a closing bracket.

9. Press enter on your keyboard.

Press enter on your keyboard after type the MOD and select the value stored cell

10. And you can see results.

End output results of MOD function of our example data

In this example, you can see that using the MOD formula it is possible to get the result of the MOD function very easily.

Uncertainty About the Use of MOD Function

Many times you can face some problems in Google Doc Spreadsheets in MOD Using.

As an example:

Uncertainty About the Use of MOD Function

In this example, you can see that the MOD formula in C2 returned an error because the MOD divisor is zero. So the divisor in MOD cannot be zero.

And in row # 4, the MOD formula returns a negative value if the divisor is negative.

Real-Life Use of MOD Mathematical Function

Google Sheets’ MOD function can come in handy in a variety of real-life situations. For instance, say you wanted to find out how many days had passed since you last did something. You could use the MOD function to figure this out.

In real-life worksheets, the MOD function is rarely used manually. Often, you will find it as part of larger formulas that make different calculations based on the remainder of the division.

Sometimes it is necessary to calculate something big and complex to find reminders, then the MOD function is used in Google Sheet, although it is rarely used.

You can use the MOD function in your spreadsheet to quickly find the remainder when you divide two numbers.

When is it not appropriate to use MOD in Google Sheets?

Some instances when you shouldn’t use MOD in Google Sheets are:

  • If the range of cells you’re using contains errors. Like MOD function returns a result of 0 when you divide a number by 0.
  • If the numbers in the cells are not evenly distributed.
  • The MOD function will only work with integers when you try to find the remainder after the partition.

Google Sheet’s ROUNDDOWN function can be used to split a number that is not an integer.

Similar Functions of MOD in Google Sheets

There are a few formulas like MOD in Google Sheets. For example:

  • The % operator, The remainder can be found by dividing the two numbers with this operator.
  • 2nd one is ROUNDDOWN function, which can be used to round a number to the nearest integer.
  • Another one is ROUNDUP, This can be used to round a number to the nearest integer.


I have easily discussed the MOD function in detail above. As you can see from my article, this is not a very difficult function to learn, but it is also not a very widely used function.

After reading my article, try to set up this formula in your own spreadsheet so that you can understand it.

I think this informational guide was very helpful for you.

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