AVERAGEIF in Google Sheets

In this tutorial I will try to discuss one of the most advantageous features of Google Sheets; which is the “AVERAGEIF” feature.

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What is the AVERAGEIF Function in Google Sheets?

Let us first get to know about this handy tool. If you apply the AVERAGEIF function on your data Google Sheets will generate an average of a particular group of numbers for you; which were chosen based on a certain criteria or a logical condition.

What this means is, suppose you have a set of data and, you wish to perform a logic test on those figures. In addition, you want to see the average of those numbers if that logical condition turns out to be true.

The AVERAGEIF function is basically a useful fusion of the average function and the IF function in Google Sheets.

Breaking Down the AVERAGEIF Formula

The following is a brief description of Google Sheet’s AVERAGEIF function:

=AVERAGEIF (criteria_range, criterion, [average_range])

I have broken down each segment of this formula for you, so that it will be easy for you to understand each jargon.

  • = sign. We have to put the equal sign before typing down any function in Google Sheets.
  • AVERAFEIF () is our formula. We only need to fill in all the segments inside those brackets to apply the AVERAGEIF function.
  • Criteria_range. Criteria_range is the location of the values within your entire dataset; on which you wish to check the average of.
  • Criterion is the logic test or the condition which you wish to meet for your values.
  • The average_range is a spare location point Google Sheets will use. If for any reason, you do not fill out the average_range, then Google Sheets will consider the criteria_range address that you have given.

What you Need to Know before Implementing AVERAGEIF

When you are designing your condition for using the AVERAGEIF function; you have the following six particulars to choose from. And they are:

  1. = This means equal to.
  2. <> This particular means not equal to.
  3. > This would translate to greater than.
  4. < Less than
  5. >= Greater than or equal to
  6. <= Less than or equal to

Now that you have learnt about the basic structure of the AVERAGEIF function and what each segment of the formula means, I will try to present you with examples of how to use the AVERAGEIF formula in Google Sheets.

How to use the AVERAGEIF Function in Google Sheets

1. In the example shown below, I have selected a cell where I want to apply the AVERAGEIF formula.

How to use the AVERAGEIF Function in Google Sheets

Let us assume that I have selected the cell B12.

2. In the cell B12, I will begin by typing in =AVERAGEIF. The first bracket or the parenthesis will automatically be opened. A dialogue box will pop open where I will put down the rest of the details of the formula.

AVERAGEIF in Google Sheets

3. To begin with I will give my input for “criteria_range”. This is the set of data against which, I want to check my condition. I will give “B2:B11” as my criteria_range.

4. Next, I will give my criterion, which is my condition I want to check. Let us suppose, I want to check every area which has the five vaccine centers.

Therefore, for my criterion, I will say “5”. I don’t need to give any particulars for my condition because my condition is all of those areas which have exactly five vaccine centers.

criteria range

5. Afterwards, I will select my average_range; which is the set of values for which I want to see the average of. So if I want to see the average of the Covid-19 deaths, I will give C2:C11 for my average_range; because this column has the data I need.

average range

6. I will proceed to secure my formula with the parenthesis second bracket.

7. Press your “Enter” key and you should see your results.

AVERAGEIF Function Results

And that is all there is to it!

Now what I have is, the average number of Covid-19 deaths for all those areas which has exactly three vaccine centers. (Remember, this was the condition which I set?)

The AVERAGEIF function in Google Sheets is extremely helpful if you are looking for averages against a specific condition and now you know how to use it the next time you are working on Google Sheets!

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