How to use Equal To (=) Comparison Operator in Google Sheets

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What is the Equal To Operator in Google Sheets?

To work with numbers and figures in any spreadsheet, you need to work with what is known as, operators. Since you can perform so many kinds of calculation in Google Sheets; these operators help you identify the type of formula and its order.

Here, are the essentially four different kinds of attributes for these operators and their names:

Arithmetic Operators

These operators are applied when executing mathematical calculations, such as, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

If you want to know more details about how to do math in Google Sheets, make sure to check out TeqTog’s tutorial called Math in Google Sheets.

Text Concatenation Operators

The purpose of the ampersand (&) is to connect multiple texts together.

Formula Operators

Formula operators specify the range of cells which you want to include in your calculations. They help form the basis of your calculations in Google Sheets. For instance, the colon (: ) forms the references to all of the cells between the (and including the) first cell number and last cell number. Moreover, the comma operator (,) is known as the union operator, since, it connects more than one references into one.

The Comparison Operators

The function of the comparison operator is they, compare between a data value and a given logical condition and thereby, returning a logical expression; depending if the condition is met or not. Logical expressions such as, TRUE and FALSE.

The equal symbol falls into the category for comparison operators.

Comparison Operator NameComparison Operator SymbolCondition of Comparison
Equal=Is equal to the

How to use the Google Sheets Equal To (=) (Example)

The job of the equal to operator is to check whether the value of a data in a cell is equal to a certain given value. To show you, I have given an example below with a set of data.

Suppose, I have a list of people who are either Covid-19 affected or they are not.

How to use the Google Sheets Equal To

Now, I want to know which people are positive cases.

1. First, I will type in the formula for my operator. The syntax for the Equal To function is;

=IF(logical expression_value if true_value if false)

 Therefore, my input for “logical expression” will be “B2=”positive”.

2. So, in the column for ‘Result” I will apply the formula.

apply the formula

3. Press “Enter” for the responses. And copy the formula for rest of C3 to C9 cells.

How to use the Google Sheets Equal To

FAQs on Equal To  Symbol in Google Sheets

What are the other comparison operators in Google Sheets?

There are five other comparison operators available in Google Sheets. They are:

Operator NameOperator Symbol
Greater than
Less than
Greater than, or equal to>=
Less than, or equal to<=
Not equal to<> 

Are there other functions of the equal symbol?

Yes, in Google Sheets, or any other spreadsheet, the equal sign is placed before every formula input.

What is the alternative function for the “=” operator?

The alternative for the “=” in Google Sheets is the EQ function.

And there you go, how to use the Google Sheets Equal To (=) symbol. I hope this article will be helpful for you for next time.

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