How to Use the ISDATE Function in Google Sheets

If you ask someone to submit a date on Google Sheets and you want to check if the submitted data is correct then it will take a lot of time to check manually. Then you can use the ISDATE function.

You may not know how to perform this function.

In this article, I will teach you how to use this function.

ISDATE Function

The function used in Google Sheet to verify whether a value is a date is called ISDATE function.

Syntax of  ISDATE function



value: The value that you want to use in the function is the value to verify whether it is a date.

Example of the ISDATE Function

By looking at the screenshot below, you can get an idea of how to write the formula:

You can see in the example above that some results are false and some are true. If the format of the date is valid in ISDATE function, the result will be true or it will be false.

How to use ISDATE Function in a Cells

To make it easier for you to understand below is a step-by-step guide on how to use ISDATE function in Google Sheet:

  • 1st, pick out the cell for which you want to get the result.  And start with the “= “sign and type the ISDATE. I am showing you A2 cell as an example.
start with the equal sign and type the ISDATE
  • Now select the cell of the value you want to check in the date format of the value, as you can see in the screenshot as my example. And close the parentheses and press enter.
select the cell of the value you want to check in the date format
  • Now you can see your result, if your result is true then the date format is valid, and if it is false then the date format is invalid. My result is true, so it is valid. Now if you want you can copy the formula and check other dates.
The end output results of ISDATE Function

ISDATE Function FAQs

When you do not have to use the ISDATE Function in your Google Sheet?

Should not be checked if it is the year, month, and day in any date format and if it is month, day, and year in any date format. Because we know that the American date format (months, days, and years) is not used in Google Sheets. But for the date, the two formats are correct. So in this case it is better not to use ISDATE Function.

Is there any other function in Google Sheet like ISDATE function?

The ISDATE function is used to verify the date format in Google Sheet. There is another function like ISDATE function which is DATEVALUE function.


After reading this article, I think it is much easier for you to use the ISDATE Function, your work will be clearer if you read this article and practice on your Google sheet.

If you have trouble understanding something about this article, you can comment in the comments section below, I will answer your question and I will try my best.

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