17 Most Used Google Sheets Keyboard Shortcuts (PC and MAC)

Hello again and welcome to another one of our articles from TeqTog! In this article, I will try to teach you about the many keyboard shortcuts there are while working on Google Sheets. So, let us get started then!

What Shortcuts are for?

A lot of us have to carry out huge volumes of work in Google Sheets on a daily basis. From analyzing data, to data representation to graphical and numerical reporting of data; we depend on Google Sheets for the best outcomes.

What makes Google Sheets stand out s a spreadsheets program, is that it contains numerous, user-friendly features and options which lets you execute your work faster and with more efficiency.

However, there are also ways in which you can get around these features that will allow you to be more productive in less time. That is why I will introduce you to the multiple shortcuts there exists while working on Google Sheets.

I have tried to put together these keyboard shortcuts that are mostly for mundane and regular tasks one might perform in Google Sheets. For instance, removing rows.

Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Google Sheets

Before I can discuss the keyboard shortcuts with you, you need to make sure that your keyboard is compatible for applications of such shortcuts in Google Sheets. Since, Google Sheets is a web based spreadsheets program, there are a number of keyboard shortcuts for other programs which will not work in Google Sheets. For example, Microsoft Excel.

Therefore, it is important that you activate this compatibility between your keyboard and Google Sheets before you can go ahead and apply these shortcuts.

Activating Keyboard Shortcuts for Google Sheets

Here is how you can enable the keyboard compatibility for Google Sheets:

Keyboard Shortcuts for Google Sheets
  1. On the top menu bar of you Google Sheets, you will find the “Help” option.
  2. Click on “Help”
  3. You will find “Keyboard shortcuts” as the last option from the drop down menu.
  4. Click on the “Keyboard shortcuts” option.
  5. A message box will appear and right on the bottom, you will see the option “Enable compatible spreadsheets shortcuts”. Click on the icon beside that looks like a small switch.
Activating Keyboard Shortcuts for Google Sheets

Now, you keyboard is compatible for the shortcuts applicable in Google Sheets.

17 List of Keyboard Shortcuts for Google Sheets

Now that you have enabled the keyboard shortcuts compatibility, you can learn about the plethora of keyboard shortcuts available. It will be a lot easier for you remember these shortcuts, if you are already used to working in MS Excel, because a lot of these shortcuts are familiar in both the spreadsheets programs.

Cut, Copy and Paste Keyboard Shortcuts for Google Sheets

Let me start with the really basic tasks such as, cut, copy and paste.

On PC:

  • Cut – Control + X
  • Copy – Control + C
  • Paste – Control + V


  • Cut – Command + X
  • Copy – Command + C
  • Paste – Command + V

Undo and Redo Shortcuts

In case, you need to undo or redo and action:

On PC:

  • Undo- Control + Z
  • Redo – Control + Y


  • Undo – Command + Z
  • Redo – Command + Y

Recap Latest Command

Suppose you need to perform the same command for a number of times on repeat. Instead of giving the command by selecting the options over and over again, you can just apply this shortcut as many times as you need to.

On PC:

  • Repeat Last Task – F4

Inserting New Rows and Columns Shortcuts in Google Sheets

If you are falling short of rows and columns or you need to insert a few new ones in between the existing ones; then this keyboard shortcut will come in real handy.

On PC:

  • Insert Row Above – Alt + I + R
  • Insert Row Below – Alt + I + W
  • Insert Column Above – Alt + I + C
  • Insert Column Below – Alt + I + G


Insert Row Above –

  • Control + Option + I
  • R

Insert Row Below –

  • Control + Option + I
  • W

Insert Column Above –

  • Control + Option + I
  • C

Insert Column Below –

  • Control + Option + I
  • G

For those of you who are using a browser other than Chrome, you should press the Shift button along with the Alt button when you are applying these shortcuts.

Removing Rows and Columns Shortcuts

Now that you know how to insert rows and columns you can also delete them as you require in shortcuts.

On PC:

  • Delete Current Row – Alt + E + D
  • Delete Current Column – Alt + E + E


Delete Current Row –

  • Control + Option + E
  • D

Delete Current Column –

  • Control + Option + E
  • E

If you remember my tip earlier for inserting rows and columns, the same is true for deleting rows and columns as well. If you are not using Chrome as your browser, then you have to press the Shift button with the Alt button.

Value Paste and Format Paste Shortcuts for Google Sheets

In case of copying and pasting data; Google Sheets will paste the formula and the conditional formatting

along with the value of the data, unless you have given a command not to.

You can select options which allow you to paste just the numerical value of the data or just the format of the cells you have copied. By doing so, the formula will be stripped and only the value or the formatting of cells will be left in your cells.

While you can perform this manually, there is also a keyboard shortcut to pasting only values or formats of cells.

On PC:

  • Copy the relevant cells
  • Select the cells you want our data pasted on
  • Control + Shift + V (for value pasting only)
  • Control + Alt + V (for format pasting only)


  • Copy the relevant cells
  • Select the cells you want our data pasted on
  • Command + Shift + V (for value pasting only)
  • Command + Alt + V (for format pasting only)

Selection of an Entire Row or Columns Shortcuts

This shortcut will be useful when you may need to apply a command to an entire row or an entire column at once.

On PC:

  • Selection of an entire row – Shift + Spacebar
  • Selection of an entire column – Control + Spacebar


  • Selection of an entire row – Shift + Spacebar
  • Selection of an entire column – Control + Spacebar

Bold, Underline and Italic Keyboard Shortcuts for Google Sheets

These shortcuts make our lives much easier and our work more efficient and more comfortable. If you have some experience with MS Excel or MS Word already, then shortcuts will be familiar for you:

On PC:

  • Bold – Control + B
  • Underline – Control + U
  • Italic – Control + I


  • Bold – Command + B
  • Underline – Command + U
  • Italic – Command + I

Find and Replace in Google Sheets Shortcuts

When you need to identify a certain data in your spreadsheet or even modify that data; then the find and replace function in Google Sheets will serve you. To work faster with find and replace, here are the keyboard shortcuts to this function:

On PC:

  • For value find – Control + F
  • For finding and replacing value – Control + H


  • Command + F
  • Command + Shift + F
  • When you apply the “Find” function, a search bar will appear on the top right corner of the spreadsheet. You just have to type in the data you are looking for and Google Sheets will identify all the cells which contain that data by highlighting them for you.
  • If you apply the “Find and Replace” function in Google Sheets, a message box will be opened and it give you options to find replace values in your spreadsheet.

You can read our article on How to use the Find and Replace Function in Google Sheets for a better understanding of this feature.

Opening a New Sheet Shortcuts

You can create a new sheet in your spreadsheet by doing the following:

On PC:

  • Opening a New Sheet – Shift + F11

To link cells with URLs, sheets or a cell range, you need to open the “Insert Link” message box. In the message box, you will find options to create the link.

This is how you can open the “Insert Link” message box via a shortcut:

On PC:

  • Control + K


  • Command + K

Centre, Left and Right Alignment Shortcuts

Below are the shortcuts for cell alignment in Google Sheets:

On PC:

  • Centre – Control + Shift + E
  • Left – Control + Shift + L
  • Right – Control + Shift + R


  • Centre – Command + Shift + E
  • Left – Command + Shift + L
  • Right – Command + Shift + R

These shortcuts allow you to comfortably navigate between multiple sheets within your spreadsheet quicker.

On PC:

  • Change to next sheet – Control + Shift + Page Down
  • Change to previous sheet – Control + Shift + Page Up


  • Change to next sheet – Command + Shift + Fn + Down Arrow
  • Change to previous sheet – Command + Shift + Fn + Up Arrow

Format Removing Shortcuts for Google Sheets

You can clear all formatting from a particular cell or a range or cells such as, color, font size and font color.

On PC:

  • Remove all formatting – Control + \


  • Remove all formatting – Command + \

Feature all Sheets Together Shortcuts

You may be working with numerous sheets. In such cases, one will need to view all of the sheets in one glance and decide which sheet to go to. The shortcut to do this is given below:

On PC:

  • Present all Sheets – Alt + Shift + K


  • Option + Shift + K

Enter Notes or Comments Shortcuts in Google Sheets

If you need to enter a note or a comment in a cell when reviewing, the following shortcuts will be relevant:

On PC:

  • Enter Note – Shift + F2
  • Enter Comment or Modify Comment – Control + Alt + M


  • Enter Note – Shift + F2
  • Enter Comment or Modify Comment – Command + Option + M

Read more about Google Sheets notes vs comments on this article

Display all Formulae Shortcuts

Learn about the following keyboard shortcuts by which you can glance at all the formulae in your spreadsheet.

On PC:

  • Display all formulae instead of their values – Control ~


  • Display all formulae instead of their values – Control ~

I hope these simple shortcuts make your next experience with Google Sheets a whole lot easier and smoother.

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